Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A mindful collection from A-Z

I have succumbed to the tendency to package the unpackagable.  I have managed to put mindfulness in all its infinity possibilities into a collection from A - Z.  Well not quite, but here is a collection of postings from a year of blogging, which have a mindfulness thread running throughout. 

Themes such as being present, aware, attentive and non judging are explored as ways of being and doing which encourage us to expand our choices as to how we view and respond to life itself, so that we may live in a more peaceful, creative and sustainable way.

(just click on the letter to open up the relevant posting) 

A = Awareness is the core of mindfulness. This posting offers a 5 minute self assessment for you to increase your awareness about your day to day mindfulness.

B = Breathing - when we bring our attention to the thing that is always present with us, our breath, we come into the present 

C = Connecting with others in a meaningful way involves being present

D = Doors; those which we open and close through our every day actions and behaviours

E = Enjoy life’s journey, with all its ups, downs and paradoxes as encouraged by Dr Seuss

F = Formia provides lessons in letting the day unfold

G = Giving to others, being here to serve, is ultimately our role in life

H = Headless ...helps us to tap into our hearts  

I = Intuition, our deep knowing is there for us if we learn to access, trust and use it

J = Julie and Julia provide inspiration to follow our hearts

K = Kindness surrounds us; recognise and share it

L = Love in your organisation and being courageous enough to talk about it

M = Mindful walking brings us into the moment step by step 

N = Notice your sensations and thoughts and …notice what you are pretending not to notice

O = Opposites can also be true. Mindfulness expands our ability to see new perspectives 

P = Powerful and powerless – we are both. Knowing when to step up, knowing when to surrender

Q = Questions open up our minds and hearts

R = Reminding ourselves to come to the present and that happiness is here 

S = Stillness is accessible to us in any moment.

T = Tri-sector athletes see the bigger picture and interconnectivity

U = Understanding that ‘any map will do’ – it is your exploration that matters 

V = VUCA and VUCA revamped can create a more holistic, creative, courageous and sustainable view

W = Work in progress – reminding us that we are such, is itself an act of self compassion   

X = X as a point (only because it was difficult to find something starting with X!) – using appreciative inquiry from wherever you start from

Y = Yes and…!  We can expand our options through one word 

Z = Zzzz…sleep is a sign of harmony

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