Monday, November 12, 2012

Rubber. Meets. Road

Encouragingly USA has granted Obama a second term in office.   Beyond the rhetoric and even policy making, what will be key is what his administration essentially implements.

As a former strategy analyst and now a leadership consultant,  I am quite partial to the odd policy, strategy, theory, technique and model....but I am more interested in the actual application; to what extent does 'it' make a tangible difference to improving our own lives and that of others.

Likewise, we can read all the books, attend all the workshops, listen to hundreds of inspiring figures, but how we apply our learnings to our daily decisions and interactions is ...“where the rubber meets the road”.   

It is our moment of truth.  

I am one of those who believe that meditation is fundamental to the cultivation of mindfulness.  But it is beyond the discipline of such formal training, in the conduct of our daily lives that the deeper practice and challenges of mindfulness reside.  Away from the [relative] tranquillity of our meditation sessions, out in the ‘real world’, can we be mindful in our relationships with others and with the events and occurrences of our existence?

I may be aware and equanimous sitting still on my meditation cushion, but what matters is how I am with you.  YOU - my family, my friends, my lover, my clients, my peers, my teachers, my acquaintances.

What matters is whether I am fully present with YOU.

Non judging.


With joy, ease, peace and lightness.

That is where...Rubber. Meets. Road.

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