Monday, October 8, 2012

Go headless!

“Cut your head off, be headless – and follow the being wherever it leads. Even if it leads into danger, go into danger, because that will be the path for you and your growth.  Follow it, trust it and move with it”.

I would imagine that Rome’s various headless statues haven't been a response to Osho’s words, but their abundant existence in Rome do serve as a useful reminder to ‘get out of our heads and into our hearts’. 


It was indeed touching to witness leaders, highly respected and accomplished for their intellect, emerge from a programme last week, increasingly more authentic and courageous, through doing just that, being open to how they and others are feeling.

Our minds.  Our beautiful minds.  Our mind is an incredible instrument. And we can become a slave to it if we get too attached to what it produces. 

Any meditation teacher will tell you the same – 95% of our suffering is with our minds.  While we are pondering, contemplating, thinking, ruminating, judging, speculating, assessing, evaluating, we miss the richness, fullness and peace of the moment.   

Whether it be in an intimate informal conversation with your nearest and dearest, or a formal work conversation challenging under-performance with a member of your team, use your head and you will be approving or disapproving, comparing and contrasting with what the other is saying depending on your perspective, your ego, your fixed view of yourself, your stories that you have created.

However, when we look through the world with our heart, instead of our head...we blossom from a place of wholeness rather than separation, a place of compassion, spontaneity and liberation, closer to and more accepting of the mysteries of life. 

  • Osho ( 2001), Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic, Osho International Federation, NY  (quote from page 172) 
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