Monday, October 1, 2012

What will you stop, start, continue?

There is nothing like the arrival of the 1st of October to galvanise focus around one’s progress.
That, and a quote I came across recently: “Don't let go of a dream until you are ready to wake up and make it happen”.

It’s the last quarter of the Gregorian calendar year. There are 3 months left of 2012.  91 days.

How am I moving forward with my goals,  learning, development, the promises I made to myself at the start of the year, my happiness in how I live my life?

Depending on which hemisphere you are in, whether you are crunching through the autumn leaves or skipping through the daffodils, you might find inspiration from the glorious ‘shoulder seasons’ to help with the reflection. 

Perhaps the change into autumn will encourage you to let go of some behaviours, actions and habits that are blocking you.  Perhaps the turn into spring will help you to start afresh with vigour and hope.

Again advocating that leaders use this milestone point to talk to their people on a 1:1 or team basis, posing a combination of 3 questions may prove useful:

“In order to improve my performance/ progress with my goals/ be more effective etc..."

  • What will I stop doing?
  • What will I start doing?
  • What will I continue to do?


Quote from Twitter/gregnazvanov

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