Friday, January 31, 2014

Letting go - thank you

My last posting has spurred my last posting.

Am letting go.

Which as some say is different from giving up. 

For now I will stop blogging and focus back on my PhD on mindfulness in leadership and also on studying Italian, given that my Roman roots are growing.  (Please hold me to that!)

Thank you for your followership and readership and to the people and places that have been a rich source of learning and inspiration.  

A particular warm felt appreciation to Cathy, Claudia, Eylul and Jhasmin who have been consistent in their encouragement and support right from the start.

On them, you may want to check out Cathy’s project Humans of Greater London on Facebook.

And Claudia’s bi-lingual blog Balance celebrating the positive.

Here's to life, love, learning and leadership.

Grazie mille. 

Photo: own

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