Monday, January 28, 2013

Do this and the rest will take care of itself?

Along the lines of appreciating the simplicity of Miro’s 'Painting on A White Background’, a piece on Charles Bukowski’s immortal writing as posted last week, struck a chord.

I was first introduced to Bukowski’s work, when a friend sent me “Bluebird”. Whether his work moves you or not, how Bukowksi wrote, is a valuable lesson in the discipline and beauty of attention and is testament to the fact that little steps can take you anywhere.

“The secret is in the line”. 

He narrowed his focus to be fully present and attentive to the single line, poured his heart and soul into it and trusted his process and craft to make sure this line would be the best it could be.
"If the single line was magnificent, the rest would take care of itself".

Sentence by sentence.

Line by line.

Which makes me muse ...

Perhaps if we give our full attention to this one breath, the rest of our being-ness will take care of itself.

Perhaps if we absorb ourselves fully in this conversation, the rest of the relationship will take care of itself.

Perhaps if we put 100% to this task,  the rest of the job will take care of itself. 

Perhaps if we dedicate ourselves to this practice drill, our end performance will take care of itself.

Perhaps if we look after this one client, the rest of the business will take care of itself.

Perhaps if we are fully in this moment, the rest of our life will take care of itself.



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