Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What resources you?

I see my purpose as a coach and consultant to support others feel and be more resourceful.

So as a participant on a workshop recently, I appreciated that one of their opening questions to the group was... "What resources you"?

To reflect on that is resourcing in itself.  

We remind ourselves of what energises us, refuels and recharges us.  We actually feel better by remembering and definitely more so by actually doing that very thing.  

We have an innate wisdom to seek and do what resources us.  It’s called life.  And it’s deeply personal and particular to each of us. We notice in our bodies what and who brings us alive.  What helps us function effectively and make us feel good and whole.  What stops us from feeling depleted and fills us up when we do.  These buffer us to weather storms. They are the strategies we adopt to overcome difficulties.  They build our resilience and feed our soul.  In times of stress we can draw on them to offer immediate relief and perspective, but engage in them as part of our lives, out of sheer joy and love.    

The external act of resourcing enables us to access our internal resources. This is its real value. The more we are conscious of what we tap into, the more we can nurture that strength, that quality and integrate it into our daily being. For me, what a colleague referred to as ‘filling up the energy box’ is meditation and being in nature. Meditation helps me feel aware, balanced, at home with paradox.  This aids me in change and ambiguity.   So I give priority to meditating twice a day.  In a heated moment, it is enough to access those inner qualities by a pause and coming into presence.  Similarly being in nature is deeply resourcing for me.  It makes me feel more connected and free.   This helps me be centred and deal with complexity.  Even if I cannot be deep in mother nature, I can imagine it or reflect on the natural form of what is around me – which facilitates a sense of that same interconnectivity.   

Reflect on what resources you.   Fiercely protect that very thing and go easy on yourself when you can’t.  What you need is within you.

photo: own of my gorgeous sister Hannah, in Paradise.

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