Monday, January 6, 2014

Head first into the new year?

“Mind matters most” as we were vividly reminded of, at this New Year’s meditation retreat.

Indeed, how are we to truly reach our potential if we do not learn to control our own mind?  And if not our potential, how can we be successful in the next thing we start, whether that is another meditation session, a conversation with a loved one or colleague, a new year's resolution, a project or a board meeting, if we don’t get our heads in a good position?

The concept of ‘beginner’s mind’ encourages us to start afresh with whatever we face.     We learn to approach things and people as if for the first time, without preconceived notions, assumptions and judgements.   We don’t react from a place of what we know but lean into the openness and curiosity of the unknown.  We deal with what is in front of us, the reality as it is as opposed to what has happened or not happened in the past.

If we give ourselves the opportunity to adopt such a mindset, we set ourselves up for a better chance of success.

As Goenka invites us to do in the Vipassana meditation training,


Start with a calm and tranquil mind,

An alert and attentive mind

A balanced and equanimous mind”

Wishing you a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2014.

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