Monday, December 31, 2012

Start again

“Start again”.

“Start again with a calm and quiet mind". 

Anybody who has done the S.N.Goenka Vipassana will remember this repetitive phrase…usually said to introduce the next meditation session, following what would have been a particularly intensive one. 

Part instruction, part inspiration, the phrase is delivered in his deep resonating voice, slowly, deliberately, powerfully and what also seemed to me, playfully.

From the meditation cushion to welcoming in a new year, at any moment we have an opportunity to…start again. 

Despite what has gone on before, what comfort or discomfort we may have experienced, how successful we were or weren’t, what thoughts or feelings we had or hadn't, at any time we can choose to press the re-set button, and start again with new resolve, attitudes, behaviours and actions.

And when we find ourselves faulting, retreating back to our old ways, we gently forgive ourselves, open our hearts and start again. 

For, from this moment, this starting point, we have 100% of our life left. 

Happy 2013 everybody.

Image. own photo of a print on Taika's wall 
100% of our life left ´quote´is a version of American football coach Tom Landry´s 

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