Monday, April 23, 2012

What doors will you open and close today?

One of the many things I like about Roma is its doors.  Or more specifically its big doors – i portoni. 

They are Huge. Sturdy. Beautiful. Imposing. Inviting. Mysterious. Proud.


Perhaps as many beautiful doors there are in Rome, there are quotes about doors.  One of my favourites: “the doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live” (Flora Whittemore). 

With a greeting, a conversation, a transaction, an action, a wink, a smile, a gesture, a nod, a click, a call, an email, a sms, a chat, a tweet, a retweet, a share, a blog, a commitment, a signature, a post-it, a letter, a song, a proposal, an invite, a request, a referral, a helping hand, a surrender, a journey, an invite, un caffè .. we open and close doors. 

Some may take an effort to open but once you enter it is a world of delight. 

With some you may find you try with all your might to force them to unbolt, perhaps sticking your foot out to jam them open, but in reality they just serve you with a chilly draught.   

Some are like revolving doors – they fluidly rhythmically flow. 

There is the familiar English expression "close one door, another opens".  In Italy, it is one step further..."chiusa una porta si apre un portone" (close one door and a bigger one will open).

The closing of doors may be met with relief, completion  or rejection. The opening may be met with excitement, joy or trepidation.  Either way, they bring opportunities for learning and growth.

  • What doors did you open and close today?
  • What doors would you like to open?
  • What doors would serve you well if they were shut?
  • Who are you opening doors for?

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  1. Lovely - opened a door to thinking about doors - will now be doing that this week!