Monday, November 21, 2011

What are the key ingredients?

In these challenging times (actually, any time) there is comfort and inspiration to be found in a good ‘dreams can come true’ movie.   Ok, Julie & Julia isn’t the most profound or entertaining film I've seen. I only picked it up because it had Meryl Streep in it and it was in the 2-for-1 bin.

However it is based on two true stories relating to one of my favourite  Enjoyable, it made me reflect on my experience of coaching others (and myself) around the key ingredients (pun intended...groan...don't worry I will resist the urge to go down the 'recipe-for-success' route) for making those dreams happen...

  • Bold and Specific: having a compelling, stretching and specific, tangible, I-know-when-I-will-get-there-goal (i.e.: 534 recipes in 365 days) ... and trusting that it will also be a springboard to more adventures.

  • Daily momentum:  making those little steps; contributing something towards your goal every single day.

  • Love: being passionate about what you do, and sharing it with, and being supported by, those whom you love.

  • Role model:  having a role model whom you can draw inspiration from - and also recognising that it is your unique journey that you are on.

  • Learning:  relishing the doing, experimenting, playing, trying, failing, getting back up, trying again  – and being open to the possibility that the reason we set off doing something isn’t always the reason we keep going or succeed.

Enjoy the journey as well as the destination.


  1. I feel I should print this one out & stick it up on my wall as a daily inspiration!

    I thoroughly enjoyed Julie & Julia, partly thanks to the good script, acting & direction, but also no doubt thanks to all the positive, empowering, & dream-realising-ingredients you've just itemised. It's an uplifting film & I now have a much clearer idea of just why!

  2. a spoonful of this, a pinch of that, lashings of this, cups of that... like butter, can we ever have too much inspiration?!

  3. Too much butter? Yes, definitely. Too much inspiration? Never!