Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where would you begin?

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.     Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

It doesn’t matter if Goethe said it like this or not (translations aside), the essence of the statement resonates with us.

Begin. Start. Get momentum.  

I am by no means a technological early adopter..more the technological laggard... but everything has its time hasn’t it..and I have decided that on this auspicious date of 01.11.11 is the time I will create a blog...and so here it is.

A weekly musings-on-a-Monday (even though beginning on a Tuesday) about leadership, learning and life.

And my first entry is about making a start....

For the first time,  Stuart Baker and I will be running a mindfulness retreat in Italy this coming April 2012.

We believe this will be an intensive and transformational offering for those who are leading and consulting with organisations.  In the tranquil and idyllic surrounds of the Sabina Mountains, participants will be able to fully experience the benefits of mindfulness and explore what it means for how they relate to, and work with, their clients and teams.

Perhaps engaging in this retreat will be the beginning of new ways of handling stress, enhancing your wellbeing, making decisions and connecting with others, for you...

Or maybe your beginnings involve something else...


  1. 1.11.11 does indeed feel an auspicious date - Si & I have chosen it as the day to stop our 2-decades-plus smoking habit. So glad you've started a blog to share your wisdom, huge heart and inspirations with others - you're a rare and wonderful person with so much to teach!

  2. Forgot to say - love the blue sky & dandelion clocks too ;~)

  3. Thank you dear friend. A brilliant start on the stopping! You will be a great support for each other.